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7 fotógrafos de paisagem que você precisa conhecer

Foto: Carl T. Loveall
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A fotografia de paisagem nos inspira para além de seu significado, por isso algumas referências nunca são demais. Encontramos alguns fotógrafos que realmente vale a pena conhecer. 

Juan Pablo de Miguel

Stefan Mitterwallner

Inge Bovens

Max Foster

Carl T. Loveall

Hillary Younger

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Mythical. “Some trudge across this wilderness bent and broken. Bent by their load of pain and fears. Broken by a life lost in a lonely struggle. Some journey across the deserts and over the mountains simply seeking. They come knowing only what they desire. Sadly, they return empty and bitter. They could not accept what was gifted. Nor embrace what was shown. Some float and glide across the vast expanse of silent emptiness. Their hearts coiled with doubts. The sighing winds merely cool. The searing sunrays always burn. The land absorbs their madness but they are unmoved by her shimmering nakedness. Untouched by her mystical language. Their eyes dulled with the coldness that seeps from their dying hearts. They move on wondering why they ever came. And I know of some who walk through this shattered landscape kneeling ever so gently to stroke the ground that holds them up to the skies. They come with all their pains. And broken promises. They come with all their questions and elusive dreams. They come with what they are. And what they can never be. They come with loving in their hearts. And they know they have come home. And to these journeymen Ladakh gives all that is hers." ~ prabir c purkayastha I was exhausted, having ascended from 3,500 to 5,000 meters (camped at 4,800 meters), with altitude sickness pulsing behind my eyes. All I could concentrate on, was catching the light of this warm, glowing sunset as I stumbled and slipped over loose rocks and through this glacial stream. The colors are real ~ the mountains were golden, the hillside the color of wine, the rocks and stream green….an amazing, unexpected kaleidoscope of color in this barren land. #sunset #earthporn #discoverearth #world_shotz #worldbestshot_ig #jaw_dropping_shots #insta_crew #igw_longexposure #earthofficial #ig_worldclub #fantastic_earth #skymasters_family #global_hotshotz #naturelovers_gr #awesomeearth #dream_image #igscglobal #worldcaptures #ahd_shotz #awesomeglobe #sunset_vision #udog_peopleandplaces #special_shots #gottolove_this #tgif_sunset #fatalframes #igbest_shotznihon #featuremeglc #worldtravelscapes #desertandinfinity

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Joshua Snow

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~By a Thread~ 2019 To this day this moment stands as one of the most powerful and compelling sights I’ve yet to witness. Captured and processed during a very difficult time for me. A time when I, myself was hanging on by just a thread. A draught of creativity and a relentless effort to improve despite it. The battle of light and shadow within myself mimicked in nature, a spark of life, a thread of light in the distance proves it still burns inside but it feels just out of reach. My hearts scarred, brittle and tangled branches sprawl to feel it’s warmth but like the sunset, they’re quickly consumed by darkness, drifting in a sea of nothing until the sun comes again. I’m basking in that sun now, though, grasping to it’s energy with all of me. It’s been a wild ride, this year and I’ve learned so much about myself, what I need and want from this business and the industry and how to keep the bad energy away. Now that the 2019 workshop season is over I can reflect back on the students and bonds created, the 25,000 miles driven in the van, the months of living in it. Waking up in new places each day, new countries visited, the images captured, the work I’ve created, the interactions and transactions to figure out where to improve, and what dead weight to cut so that next year, those dark times keep to the shadows. My message here is that we are all masters of our own destinies. We can destroy our futures or create legacies with just a thought. The dark times come and go, cling to the light for as long as you can and avoid letting those that seek to see you fail, win.

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Eliza Doré

Eliza Doré

É formada pela Univali em Comunicação social com ênfase em jornalismo e pós-graduada em Gestão Cultural, estudou fotografia documental em Buenos Aires.

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